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Online Video Open House is a new way of thinking.  So many of us today use the internet as a place to search for homes.  Most buyers want the convienience of seeing as much about a property from the comforts of their own homes before embarking on the journey of visiting multiple houses in the age old quest to find the perfect home.

Online Video Open House makes it possible for you to attend a virtual open house from the comfort of your favorite chair with its property video tours.

Our video tours feature a narrorated walk through of a property so it's actually as if you are having the opportunity to explore the home for yourself.

Unlike virtual tours, which are a series of photographs stitched together, a video tour does not distort the image so you get the feel of actually walking through the home.

Online Video Open House does exactly that...
It's a Video Open House Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What more convienient way could there be to shop for homes?

For more information on our product,please feel free to contact us at:
650.576.9773 or 925.570.8196



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